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Loyd Walter - Turning Wood Into Art

on July 31, 2020

Shop name:    Wood Turning To Art

Shop owner name:  Loyd Walter

How long have you been practicing your craft? 

For decades wood working was a part-time distraction for me. In 2000 I retired, and soon after this distraction became a fulltime pursuit. 

How did you get started? 

While living in Redding, California I happened upon the Shasta Woodworkers in the local mall. Several members were present. They a had wonderful display of their woodwork and were recruiting new members. I made my rounds talking to many of them, being most drawn to the wood turner’s stories. I was encouraged to attend their next meeting. After coming home from the meeting, I began designing a workshop and next morning bought a lathe. The rest is history. 

Is there someone or something that inspired you to start or continue to grow?   

In 2005, Yosh Sugiyama, an internationally recognized artist advised me to enter juried shows. Since then I participated and won several awards including Best of Division in the California State Fair twice. I feel the work and creativity are the motive and pleasure of my wood working but entering competitions added extra discipline and challenge to my art.  

What are your favorite memories being at OMOC?

Visiting and inspiring young patrons that show an interest in wood working. Letting them know that wood working is a wonderful pastime and way of developing skills. That it is also a great outlet for their creativity that often produces a useful object.  

Add any other info important to your story:

Much of my wood is found wood. I get this wood from tree services, acquaintances, orchard owners and fellow woodworkers. With found wood the challenge is to realize the shape and design that will bring out the natural beauty of the grain and structure of the chunk of wood. Each piece is a unique creation that evolves during the turning and a bit of the soul of the wood is revealed. I find the richer and more interesting the species of wood, the more difficult it is to work. This element adds to the challenge and constant search for new techniques in turning.

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by Rod Ballou on February 17, 2022

I know that you and Barbara moved south a few years ago. I have some returning equipment that I’m going to be selling it I’m trying to get a hold of the Shasta Turner’s can’t find any existing numbers or members if you should have them would you mind emailing them to me. Thank you Rod and Alice Ballou Redding California