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Meet the Maker - Loyd Walter

Loyd Walter - Turning Wood Into Art

Loyd Walter - Turning Wood Into Art

Shop name:    Wood Turning To Art

Shop owner name:  Loyd Walter

How long have you been practicing your craft? 

For decades wood working was a part-time distraction for me. In 2000 I retired, and soon after this distraction became a fulltime pursuit.

How did you get started?

While living in Redding, California I happened upon the Shasta Woodworkers in the local mall. Several members were present. They a had wonderful display of their woodwork and were recruiting new members. I made my rounds talking to many of them, being most drawn to the wood turner’s stories. I was encouraged to attend their next meeting. After coming home from the meeting, I began designing a workshop and next morning bought a lathe. The rest is history. 

by Brian Voigt on July 31, 2020