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Gray Dachshund Lego Kit Minibuild
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Gray Dachshund Lego Kit Minibuild


Lego® Gray Dachshund Parts Pack

- Includes 118 genuine new Lego® pieces
- Two eye tiles included to give your dachshund extra character
- Set is packaged by Constructibles and 100% complete.
- This is not original Lego packaging. A complimentary full color copy of the instructions are included.  The instructions are for the brown version, but you can follow the same steps using gray pieces.
- Finished model is approximately 2" x 7" x 3"

Lego creates various instructions for it's Lego Club and Build Together websites.  We've made it easy to avoid digging through bins for parts, by putting everything you need into one kit.  The finished model looks great for display on a desk or shelf! Constructibles is letting everyone in on this fun experience! We provide you with all of the pieces you need, all brand new never used, and you can enjoy these fun little builds. Please note: These are not original sets packaged by Lego®. Lego® never packaged these sets, so they are not reproductions of an official product. Constructibles LLC is not affiliated with or endorsed by The Lego® Group. Lego® makes these instructions available for free on their website for fans around the world. What you are purchasing from us are only the new Lego® pieces to complete this build. We are sending you a complimentary copy of the free instructions that were available online. As fans of Lego® ourselves, we encourage you to visit the Lego® Build Together page regularly at and build this or other models from the pieces you already have. Play well!