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Docia Reed

on July 22, 2020

Shop name:  Gibson-Reed Art Studio & Gallery

Shop owner name(s):  Docia Reed

How long have you been in business or been practicing your craft?

I have been painting for about 30 years and have been selling my art for about the same amount of time.

 How did you get started? 

I began painting when my husband took early retirement and bought a pistachio grove in SE Arizona. We established our home business marketing our gift line of pistachios. Our product was carried in airport gift shops and upscale resort gift shops, mail order and upscale art fairs, as well as a gift shop at our grove, I was very busy.
I watched the art programs on the PBS station and was inspired by the various artists; my husband encouraged me to call the community college and inquire if they had any classes in our area.  (We lived 25 miles from any town).  I didn’t know what medium I would want to paint in, however there was an oil painting class available in Wilcox, Arizona. I was told that if I didn’t like the class, my tuition would be refunded. I went the first day, having no supplies, and all the ladies loaned me brushes, pallets and a blank canvas. 
This was a class made up of farmer & rancher wives whom had been taking this class for years.  I was welcomed with open arms.  A new world of art opened up for me and has continued over the years.

On my down time from driving the tractor, mowing & tilling, operating our home business, I took art classes through the college, as well as privately with local artists.

Moving to California in 2000 changed my painting style from desertscapes (yellows & reds) to seascapes (blues & greens). 

Wanting to brighten up my home, about 12 years ago, I began painting large abstract paintings. These paintings took me back to the yellows & reds that I missed.

I have found that I enjoy showing other artists how to paint abstract paintings and I  began teaching about 5 years ago.   Up until recently I volunteered with a local art association and taught 18-20 students weekly.

My art is in private collections in homes, office buildings and lobbies.

Is there someone or something that inspired you to start or continue to grow?

 My partner of the past 10 years, Jim Gibson, is a wonderful artist and has taught and inspired me to reach beyond myself through abstract art.

My interaction with art lovers, other artists, and aspiring artists, gives me an enthusiasm to continue to reach new levels of my craft.  Teaching abstract painting to others is very fulfilling.

What is your favorite memory being at OMOC?

 WOW!  There are a few.

1.   Our first Art Walk.

2.   Winning the Ugly Fuggly Christmas Sweater Contest.

3.   The creative atmosphere in the Open Market 
4. Planning the art show at the Open Market
5. Teaching Adventures into Abstract


 Add any other info important to your story:

My dream has always been to have my own studio and gallery.  The Open Market OC has given me the opportunity to fulfill this dream.